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Preparing dinner could be challenging, especially when you have a family of 7.  Who likes this?  Who doesn't like that?  The moans and groans of "Not this again!"  You get the idea.  I've been struggling with the same issues for the past 11 years when I ventured into parenthood.  You know what I have learned?  Not everyone could be happy all of the time, and after a few tries... chances are, they are going to acquire a taste for something.  So, many meals that I "quit" right off the bat were reintroduced and enjoyed!!

I had it all figured out.  We had a few favorite and would try at least one or two new meals per week.  Feeding a family isn't that hard, as long as you remember to take something out of the freezer in the morning.  Right?  One evening, Ed came home and popped on a video a friend linked to on Facebook and we watched in horror the cruelty of commercialized dairy farms.  Well that wasn't enough, we sat for hours watching video after video of all the cruelty and health hazards in our food.  We both felt sick and realized change needed to happen.

We started our Vegan journey in May of 2014.  When we shared the news with our families, they thought we were crazy.  The questions started. Where were we going to get our protein?  How could we do that to the kids?  What are you going to eat??  Rest assured, my children are well fed, we get our vitamins, protein, calories, fat, and carbs.  We just get them from a plant based diet.  The best part?  Since it is a new journey, we get to try new dishes practically every single night!!  The only negative... I can no longer use the "I forgot to take something out of the freezer" excuse.  :sigh:

I invite you to follow us, collect our recipes, and watch us grow, as we continue our journey.

Love and Light,


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